Independent Waste Management based in Manchester

Our Services

Fast Forward Recycling delivers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of commercial and trade customers. These services are designed to reduce customers waste disposal costs and improve their green credentials, whilst helping to protect the environment. The collection service provided is usually free and we also issue a Destruction/Duty of care certificate.

Fast Forward Recycling provides a free collection service in and around the Manchester area, for a wide range of materials:


Packaging plastic waste is one of the major issues for businesses. We can collect various types of plastics. We currently handle PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS and various other types. We can collect large volumes of rejected materials, like bottles and films, to small quantities of waste packaging from supermarkets. We handle all types of plastics, from post consumer, post industrial and production waste materials.

Paper & Cardboard:

Fast Forward can recycle and collect most types of cardboard and paper from distribution companies through to board converters. This can encompass solid fibreboard, similar to the material used to make cereal boxes or food boxes used to store frozen food.

Confidential waste:

Fast Forward also provide, to offices and businesses, the facility to dispose of their confidential waste with complete confidence. This includes office paper, magazines, printed paper, envelopes and tissue paper.

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